Share for preview) and generate a URL link, once I few this in browser, any long pages in my prototype go completely pixelated. This is a prototype with artboards in same height and no viewports. This looks ugly.Adobe XD CC, 3. 2. It is no doubt that Adobe XD is a fast and high quality tool. Anima uploads your designs to the Anima cloud and opens up a window where you can see and interact with your design as though it were a live website. Create custom plugins. Share. It also appears blank for others that view the link in varioud browsers. In Adobe XD, click on the phone icon next to the preview button, and select the connected device. Hit Preview in Browser, and see your design live in the browser. I need them because my client wants to send the prototype (not this but other) to his investors and don`t know how they will open it - browsers, resolutions, with mouse, without mouse etc. ; If the display text does not match, update Chrome to the latest version. Sorry once again for the delay in response. All the prototype links you have created are stored in Adobe’s assets section online. A pop-up will appear … You can find the link to this under the share button within the Adobe XD. Learn how to troubleshoot when published Adobe XD prototypes do not appear in browsers. The prototypes in browser are unusable because no scrollbars and no drag option. Embedding an XD prototype into a web page is similar to embedding an